Sea Test Services


For over 25 years, Sea Test Services has been involved in developing optimum NDT equipment, techniques and recommended practices to utilize in topside and underwater inspections .

Comparison of Weld Grinding Wheel Performance
Ferritic Weld Eddy Current Inspection
Underwater Structural Inspection Manual
Inspection/Repair Issues Identifed in MODU Structural Surveys
Cost Reductions for Underwater Inspection without Reducing Reliability
Underwater Inspection Lifecycle Improvements for Offshore Platforms
Dynamic Data Exchange / Computerization for Underwater Inspections
Underwater Weld Toe Hammer Peening
Weld Toe Hammer Peening
Enhanced CAIRS
Weld Toe Grinding RP and Commentary
Commentary on ACFM Eddy Current Trials
Use of Permanent Magnets for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Inspection
Reliability of Magnetic Particle Inspection Performed Through Coating
Case Studies of Magnetic Particle Inspection Through Coating Performed on MODUs
Underwater Cleaning Equipment Comparisons
Underwater Visual Inspection Using Divers
Application and Reliability of Flooded Member Detection Using Radiometric and Ultrasonic Techniques.
Deep Grind Repair Manual
Commentary on Partially Flooded Members
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