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Sea Test Services (STS) specializes in underwater nondestructive testing (NDT) of offshore structures, cabling, riser inspections, and ABS and USCG surveys for "Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking" (UWILDS).

STS provides NDT consulting and NDT research and development in MT, MPI, ET, UT, UT FMD, grinding, and hammer peening, specializing in underwater applications for weld inspection. 

Sea Test Services has served the diving industry with cost effective, safety conscious, engineered inspection technology for over 30 years.  STS has provided services to the United States Navy, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, Marathon, Electric Power Research Institute, and many others in the oil and marine industries.

       Training and Qualification

  (Performance Demonstration Initiatives)

Sea Test Services has developed and provides NDT qualification programs for topside and underwater magnetic particle (MT, MPI), eddy current (ET), and ultrasonic (UT) inspection, flooded member detection, grinding for crack removal, grinding for weld improvement, and hammer peening for fatigue life improvement.

These are comprehensive hands-on performance demonstrations by topside and underwater NDT Inspectors to prove competency levels in the specific NDT inspection method.

Sea Test Services also provides NDT diver training in these methods, as well as topside.

STS has developed and proven this qualification program to test the competency of inspection systems and personnel, with over 400 underwater and topside inspectors tested in MT, ET, FMD, ACFM, Weld Toe Hammer Peening and Grinding for Fatigue Life Improvement, and Grinding for Crack Removal.

The Program Includes:

  • 15-20 specimens with visual and nonvisual cracks
  • Magnetic Particle Yokes and Powders
  • Eddy Current Machine
  • UT Machine for FMD
  • PowerPoint for Teaching
  • Research and Development
  • Proprietary method for creating crack specimens

STS has been contracted by the major oil companies and contractors to administer this third party qualification program for offshore underwater and topside inspectors since 1985. 


Sea Test Services
1095 Shady Lane,
Merritt Island, FL 32952

5/14/1950 - 7/29/2018


Lawrence (Larry) Goldberg, 68, died unexpectedly on July 29, 2018 at his Merritt Island, Florida home.  He was a commercial diver, inspector, scientist, and adventurer, recognized as one of the “fathers” of Underwater Nondestructive Testing. Larry is survived by his wife, Helen, and daughter, Mika; his two brothers, Mark and Richard; and his beloved service dog, KO. 

After attending the University of Massachusetts, he pursued a career in Commercial Diving in 1975, and worked extensively in underwater NDT, working with Oceaneering International, Sylvester Undersea Inspection, and was head of the Underwater Inspection Division at Subsea International, New Orleans.

Larry’s work took him all over the world, and in 1983 he founded Sea Test Services, and continued to develop innovative approaches to underwater inspection.  His achievements include the first application of MT AC yokes used underwater, and the first application of MT single leg yokes used by divers, ROV’s, and ADS’s.  Larry developed a training & certification program for NDT inspectors, including MT, U/W MT, FMD, ET, and U/W Grinding, which he and his wife Helen administer for commercial diving companies globally.  This program has qualified over 400 NDT inspectors for all of the major oil and gas companies, and diving contractors.

In addition to his work in underwater MT, Larry implemented a flooded member detection {FMD} program and was the first to develop UT and RT FMD deployed by divers, ROV’s, and ADS’s.  He also helped develop Blue Light technology for magnetic particle “day light” inspections ( to replace U/W “night” fluorescent MT.

Larry was a prolific writer and researcher in the field of NDT, and authored an inspector/diver training manual, Magnetic Particle Inspection of Fixed Offshore Structures, for ASNT.  He was an active ASNT member and was honored as an ASNT Fellow in 2005.  He was a major contributor in writing API-RP-2X, and recently was involved in writing recommended practices for flooded member detection and eddy current inspection.  

In 1990, Larry received EPRI’s “first use” award for his R&D in Magnetic Particle Inspection through Coatings.  In 2016, he received recognition from API for 35 years of service.  However, Larry’s “prized” award was being inducted into the ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame in 2013, recognized for his contribution to underwater nondestructive testing.  

Larry enjoyed scuba diving, traveling and camping trips with Helen and his dogs.  He lived life on the edge without regrets, and touched the hearts of many.  Larry will be remembered fondly by all who knew him for his generosity, warmth, and sense of humor.      



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